And The Oscar Goes To

So because I stay crazy busy, and I basically fall asleep 15 minutes into any movie I start, I haven’t seen any of the nominees for this year’s  Academy Awards! I know, I know…horrifying!

I’m dying to see these four for sure… Birdman, Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Theory of Everything!

I’ve been basically watching the E! Oscar Special and drooling over all the lovely dresses from past years. Can’t wait to see what everyone wears tonight! Who do YOU think will win tonight?

And the nominees are…

Because I haven’t actually seen any of the movies, I vote for Wes Anderson, because I always love his movies and I always will <3 Emma Stone is my serious girl crush, so I hope she wins everything!!  Plus, HELLO!, Barney Stinson is hosting!!

Well, I’m off to watch the show…hope you’re enjoying champagne at your Home Oscar Party! Have fun lovies!! xoxo