Facebook’s Best New Feature

Finally! Facebook has been rolling out a lot of new features the past few weeks.

My favorite so far: The “Stop Notifications” option on photos.

Picture 3

Now we can turn off notifications for super busy photos with tons of comments.

I don’t need an update for all of those…do you?

Google+ has had this feature for ever, now it’s on Facebook too. Finally!



How Embarassing!

Oh, dear. Ever do something on social media that makes you feel really dumb?

Well, I had a moment  like that this past weekend.

Let me explain…

I have my personal twitter account linked to my personal Facebook page. So every time I post to my Facebook page, it shows on twitter.

No big deal, right? Well, I decided to add a bunch of photos to Facebook this weekend. Using Facebook’s handy dandy mobile photo uploader, I chose the images I wanted off my phone and directly uploaded them to an album I had set up on Facebook. The uploader allows you to upload 30 images at a time. I didn’t upload any images all month, so I had quite a few. I uploaded 60+ images overall. Yes, I know that’s a LOT of pics. But hey, I’m a photo addict…what can I say!?

Anyhoo, little did I know, my twitter account posted each time a photo uploaded. Which means my twitter feed looked like this:

Picture 2

It just kept going, and going, and going! For more than 60 times!! I didn’t even realize it until an hour or so later, a twitter friend posted “Wow, that’s a lot of photos!”.

How embarrassing!! *sigh* So now you know kids, even though the uploader posts 30 pics at a time, twitter sees them all individually. Learn from me and don’t flood your twitter feed.


Have you ever done anything embarrassing on Social Media? Share with me, so I don’t feel so silly about my snafu!