The Haunted Legs by Brian Cook

I apologize in advance, but this post is gonna make y’all SO jealous!

You may remember THIS post, way back in January.

I introduced you guys to a super talented dude, Brian Cook.

At that time he was gearing up for his Kickstarter project, to get a book published.

Well, fast forward to today, the project was funded and guess what I got in the mail!??!


My VERY OWN, signed copy!! Hooray!!!!

eDSC_0008 eDSC_0009 eDSC_0010 eDSC_0011

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but kids, let me tell you…it’s AWESOME!!

It has adventure and fun from cover to cover!!


And, it came with this collection of TOTALLY RAD bookmarks!


Jealous, aren’t you?

I know, I know. But don’t worry….you can now purchase this amazing book right on!!

Click here (fast!) and get one BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE!!

Congrats Brian…Your book is wonderful! It was so much fun watching your process and getting the little updates.

Keep doing what you’re doing!



Time To Talk About Someone Artsy

So, there’s this guy. His name is Brian Cook, and boy can he draw!!

Last week Brian posted this amazing video on his Facebook Page, for his FREEBIE MONDAY campaign.

So, I watched the video and entered to win this super rad drawing.

And, Guess What!??! I WON!!! Woot Woot!!

I am now the proud owner of “MeltFace”, an original illustration from Brian Cook, a super talented dude!



I’ll be saving that signature for always…you know it’s gonna be worth BIG money $omeday!!

You should totally check out his site for more amazing drawings and interesting projects.

He’s almost ready with his latest project, The Haunted Legs. I’m super excited to check that out.



Thanks so much to Brian for the awesome art. And thanks to all of you for reading my blog.

Check back often for more fun features. Have a lovely day! xo