Thanksgiving Day Recap

My family and I had THE best turkey day! Laughs, food, more laughs and MORE FOOD!

It was the prettiest day we’ve had all year. 47 degrees when i woke up that morning!


We all took a moment to express what we’re thankful for.


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Then, this happened…


It’s a good thing my sister in law gets his humor 😉 He keeps us laughing that’s for sure!

You can view the rest of our crazy pictures HERE.

Hope your day was wonderful as well.


Finally, Google+

So, recently I’ve been becoming more and more of a Google+ fan. I will admit, it’s taken me awhile, but it’s slowly been growing on me.

I love the layout and the “Communities” feature. The folks that are very active on Google+ are also friendly and eager to network.

I did have one pet peeve though, it was the size of the cover photos. I mean seriously, there is no reason we EVER need the cover photo to take up half the screen….am I right!?

But I was so excited to see this morning, an update to Google+ pages, that includes a lovely, SMALLER, cover photo! Hooray!!

Picture 5 Picture 6

They look SO much better! Navigating the screen is much easier and I’m a happy social media girl, once again! Thanks Google+!

Do you like the new layout? Or do you miss the larger photos? Let me know, I’m always curious to see if my feelings match everyone else’s!

A Look Back At October 2013

Wow! October was a BIG month for me! Looking back I can’t believe all the stuff that happened!

Let’s start off with the BIGGEST thing…I turned 40! I know, CRAZY, right!??! I was lucky enough to celebrate it in the most low key way ever, in the Florida Keys! My parents gifted me a town home for a long weekend, I was joined by my boyfriend and a few friends. It was divine! You know, I’ve lived in South Florida my whole life, but I’ve only been down to the Keys twice before this trip. I’m not sure why….it’s beautiful down there! And so close! I made a vow to head down that way more often. It’s a slower pace and really great spot to get away. We ate some amazing food. I highly recommend getting the Tuna Nachos at the Island Grill in Islamorada. We found it by accident and had NO regrets. So tasty!! We stayed at the cutest place, right on the bay, Lime Tree Bay Resort on Long Key. It was perfect and SO relaxing! Then on our last day there we opted to head down to Key West for awhile. I’m so glad we did. We visited the Ernest Hemingway Home, had lunch and walked around. It was quick, but perfect. I could not have asked for a more relaxing birthday!




Then during the month of October we celebrated even MORE birthdays! My boyfriend and both of his children all have October birthdays!! There is a LOT of Libras up in here, woot woot! With all the birthday happenings, I’m pretty sure I gained like 5 pounds in one week! So many treats!!


After all the birthdays, we moved on to the pumpkin patch and Halloween preparations. Pumpkins were thoughtfully picked, and carved.  We even had time to roast the pumpkin seeds! Let me just say that the amount of seeds that comes out of three humongous pumpkins is insane! I should totally get a Martha Stewart hero award or something, for going through all that pumpkin goop!



Another glorious milestone was celebrated when my Mister & I celebrated our three year anniversary. I seriously cannot believe we’ve been dating for three years! It went by SO fast! I guess what they say really is true…”Time flies when you’re having fun”! We have so much fun together. Thankfully we like a lot of the same things and even our children like each other, tee hee. He took me to my favorite restaurant to celebrate. Dada in Delray!! They have the best food paired with a VERY romantic atmosphere. We sat under the banyan tree with all the lanterns and enjoyed some terrific food, mojitos & perfect weather. It was wonderful!!


We finished out the month with Halloween. My kid had the cutest costume, we celebrated with all our family and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

eDSC_0062 eDSC_0063


I’ve gotta say…October was a BLAST! There were so many more little things, but if I included all of those, well, this blog post would NEVER end! I do love this time of year and know that the next few months will be crazy busy. Here’s to a glorious Holiday season! *cheers*

The Most Thoughtful Gift

You know how there are nice people and then there are the sweetest people you’ve ever met, in your whole life!? Well, I’d like to tell you about the sweetest girl I know!

Her name is Nichole Lillian Ryan and she is AMAZING!

She’s been making these adorable little clay creatures for awhile now and selling them in her online shop. I adore every one of her pieces and have been watching her blog to see the process of how she makes each one.

Unbeknownst to me, she’s been hard at work,  making me a customized critter!

First, a little back story… My family and I lost the most precious dog ever, in May of  this year. Her name was Happy and she was a joy.


The house is just not as warm and lively, now that Happy is gone. We miss her terribly. She left quite the impression on all of our hearts!

Now, on to why Ms. Nichole is the bomb diggety!

I got mail today! Don’t you just LOVE mail!? Especially when it comes in a cute little package with doodles on it!!?

Well, I opened it up and found a little note.


and then I found a tiny little box.


Inside the box was a tiny piece of felt, wrapped in pink string!


And inside the felt was THE most thoughtful gift!


It’s Happy!! I immediately burst into tears (happy ones of course!) at how amazing this little gift was.

Nichole captured her perfectly! It’s something so precious, I will treasure it always!

Thank you, Nichole! xoxoxox


Social Media Tip

A Social Media Tip for Success

Twitter Tip: If you only tweet about yourself & your brand, but never interact with other twitter users, it’s like going to a party full of fabulous people, but you go to a back room, close the door and talk to yourself!

Talk to everyone! Be friendly, be courteous and enjoy the party!!

#Tweet #Twitter #SocialTipEngage3

My Florida Blogger Conference Recap

I was lucky enough to attend this year’s Florida Blogger Conference st the amazing Full Sail Campus.

Let me just start off by saying WOWZA!! This experience FAR outweighed my expectations!

I had never been to an event like this and I was little nervous, but really excited too.

My friend Maria  who works for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida convinced me to go.

I’m so glad she did!

I learned a TON of stuff, met some amazingly talented bloggers and thoroughly enjoyed myself!


I tend to be a little bit shy when I go anywhere that I don’t know a lot of people, but this conference made me feel right at home.

With just over 300 attendees, it still had that home town feel. Every single person I met was genuinely friendly and totally happy to talk shop and offer insight.

It was really wonderful!


Bess Auer is the founder and host of the Florida Blog Conference. She deserves her own crate of champagne for pulling off such a fabulous soiree!


Right away I met several lovely bloggers who were all friendly and chatty and just started the day off right. If you have a moment, be sure to check out their blogs!

Kevin Eagan of

Diana Swart of

Kelly Zdrowak of

Amy Bailey of

Julie Deily of

It’s wonderful to finally have faces to matches the twitter handles!


My morning sessions were SO inspiring, you guys!!

Katy Widrick offered up her knowledge on how to make great looking Media Kits and J from J’s Everyday Fashion taught us all about how to make money blogging.

All of that even before lunch!


 Bahamas Breeze served us up some delicious lunch AND gave us all free rum drinks called The Curly Tail.  So yummy!

After lunch we learned about making better content for SEO, from the very cool and laid back, Tom Jelneck.

We took a break and Maria got her head shots done by the official photographer of #FlBlogCon13, Macbeth Photography.


Then it was off to “Psychotic Cross-Content Training”, by Justice Mitchel. Wow! This guy REALLY knows his stuff!

And last but not least, we went to listen to Clayton Pritchard tell us all about Google+ and the benefits it can do for our brands. I gotta say, I’m excited to re-vamp my Google+ account!

After that it was the Ford After Party with cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes (I went with the S’mores) and the fabulous musical talents of The Mud Flappers!


1209054_593688830694235_2022617670_n 1230016_593688810694237_191315192_n

They even had a photo booth from Snap Studio Booth! You know we couldn’t resist that!

Maria, Wendy & myself had too much fun with all the props!


Such a great experience! I will most certainly be attending next year’s event.

My only regret was not being able to be in three places at once. There wasn’t one presentation I didn’t want to see, but I could only see one per session.

Next year I’m bringing a clone of me!

I feel so inspired and I’m ready to start applying all my new knowledge to my daily work!

That New Business Card Smell

Don’tcha just LOVE the first look at new business cards!? I sure do!

These babies arrived just in time for #FlBlogCon13


You can’t hear me but I’m squealing over here!!

I’m so excited about the conference, this weekend. It’s my first ever, blogger convention!

I’m a little nervous, but my good friend Maria Diestro is going with me, so I think I’ll be OK.

I’m looking forward to meeting bloggers from around the state and learning new strategies for my growing business.

If you’re going to be there, please stop me and say hello. I’ll even give you one of my fancy schmancy new cards!!

Now my only question is…I ordered 1000, will that be enough?!!? ahahahaha


The Haunted Legs by Brian Cook

I apologize in advance, but this post is gonna make y’all SO jealous!

You may remember THIS post, way back in January.

I introduced you guys to a super talented dude, Brian Cook.

At that time he was gearing up for his Kickstarter project, to get a book published.

Well, fast forward to today, the project was funded and guess what I got in the mail!??!


My VERY OWN, signed copy!! Hooray!!!!

eDSC_0008 eDSC_0009 eDSC_0010 eDSC_0011

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but kids, let me tell you…it’s AWESOME!!

It has adventure and fun from cover to cover!!


And, it came with this collection of TOTALLY RAD bookmarks!


Jealous, aren’t you?

I know, I know. But don’t worry….you can now purchase this amazing book right on!!

Click here (fast!) and get one BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE!!

Congrats Brian…Your book is wonderful! It was so much fun watching your process and getting the little updates.

Keep doing what you’re doing!



Art Inspiration Day


Hey Hey, what a great weekend it was!

The mister and I finally got to take the kiddos down to Miami, for a fun day visiting the Wynwood Walls!

If you ever get an opportunity to get down there, I highly recommend it!


eDSC_0122 eDSC_0117 eDSC_0129 eDSC_0131 eDSC_0142 eDSC_0138 eDSC_0134 eDSC_0144 eDSC_0145 eDSC_0166 eIMG_2170 eDSC_0180 eDSC_0169 eIMG_2187 eDSC_0162 eDSC_0159 eDSC_0161

Trying to edit this post down was ridiculously hard. There were SO many cool pictures!

If you’d like to see the other 4 billion photos we took, you can view them here.

Have you been to Wynwood? Do you love street art? Share your favorites with me!