A Look Back At October 2013

Wow! October was a BIG month for me! Looking back I can’t believe all the stuff that happened!

Let’s start off with the BIGGEST thing…I turned 40! I know, CRAZY, right!??! I was lucky enough to celebrate it in the most low key way ever, in the Florida Keys! My parents gifted me a town home for a long weekend, I was joined by my boyfriend and a few friends. It was divine! You know, I’ve lived in South Florida my whole life, but I’ve only been down to the Keys twice before this trip. I’m not sure why….it’s beautiful down there! And so close! I made a vow to head down that way more often. It’s a slower pace and really great spot to get away. We ate some amazing food. I highly recommend getting the Tuna Nachos at the Island Grill in Islamorada. We found it by accident and had NO regrets. So tasty!! We stayed at the cutest place, right on the bay, Lime Tree Bay Resort on Long Key. It was perfect and SO relaxing! Then on our last day there we opted to head down to Key West for awhile. I’m so glad we did. We visited the Ernest Hemingway Home, had lunch and walked around. It was quick, but perfect. I could not have asked for a more relaxing birthday!




Then during the month of October we celebrated even MORE birthdays! My boyfriend and both of his children all have October birthdays!! There is a LOT of Libras up in here, woot woot! With all the birthday happenings, I’m pretty sure I gained like 5 pounds in one week! So many treats!!


After all the birthdays, we moved on to the pumpkin patch and Halloween preparations. Pumpkins were thoughtfully picked, and carved.  We even had time to roast the pumpkin seeds! Let me just say that the amount of seeds that comes out of three humongous pumpkins is insane! I should totally get a Martha Stewart hero award or something, for going through all that pumpkin goop!



Another glorious milestone was celebrated when my Mister & I celebrated our three year anniversary. I seriously cannot believe we’ve been dating for three years! It went by SO fast! I guess what they say really is true…”Time flies when you’re having fun”! We have so much fun together. Thankfully we like a lot of the same things and even our children like each other, tee hee. He took me to my favorite restaurant to celebrate. Dada in Delray!! They have the best food paired with a VERY romantic atmosphere. We sat under the banyan tree with all the lanterns and enjoyed some terrific food, mojitos & perfect weather. It was wonderful!!


We finished out the month with Halloween. My kid had the cutest costume, we celebrated with all our family and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

eDSC_0062 eDSC_0063


I’ve gotta say…October was a BLAST! There were so many more little things, but if I included all of those, well, this blog post would NEVER end! I do love this time of year and know that the next few months will be crazy busy. Here’s to a glorious Holiday season! *cheers*

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