Client Spotlight

Every once in awhile I’d like to take a moment and introduce you all to some of our clients.

First up, Douglas Sweets.  Amazing Scottish Shortbread!


My very good friend, Debra Townsend, is the owner and baker of the company. Her four children help out behind the scenes with photography, business plans, baking and more.

Debra is an amazing person! She’s done so many remarkable things in her lifetime. Most recently, traveling around the world for two and half years, with her children.

They went so many places, volunteered where they could, and did their part in making a difference. You can view their blog posts about their trip here.


Upon their return to the states, the children enrolled in college and Debra wanted to do something to give back.

She decided on Scottish Shortbread. The recipe has been in her family for many years and Debra has improved upon it 10 times or more!

They have a variety of truly amazing flavors, sweet and savory!

Some of my favorites are…


Spiced Chai Tea Scottish Shortbread Biscuits



Toasted Coconut Lime Scottish Shortbread Cookie



Lemon Scottish Shortbread Biscuit, Dipped in White Chocolate.



Creme de Menthe Scottish Shortbread Cookie.

I could go on and on…there really isn’t even one flavor that I don’t like!

The greatest part about their company is that every month a percentage of their sales gets donated to a cause they believe in. Giving Back is a HUGE part of why they do what they do.

Each month is a different charity: GIVING BACK

Douglas Sweets shortbreads are available in a variety of stores through out Vermont and New York. You can also purchase them online at

Go buy some shortbread and tell them Nicole for Get Social sent ya! Your taste buds will thank you.

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