Eyeballs and Such

So, my eyesight has been a “little” less than perfect for quite sometime now.

I wear glasses while I’m driving at night and also while I’m on the computer, but not for anything else.

My prescription is pretty old, I think I’m pushing like three years now, but I don’t want to go back to the eye doctor because of something that happened awhile ago.

It’s a long story but if you must know more you can visit here.

So fast forward to last weekend.

My best friend came to visit and she talked me into buying a pair of those old lady reading glasses you can pick up anywhere. You know the ones. Older people wear them on the tips of their noses when they talk to you. Yeah, those. She saw this pair of turquoise ones (that’s my favorite color) and insisted I needed them.

So I was all like, “I’ll get them because they’re cute, but I don’t really NEED them”.

Then she was all like “Challenge Accepted”.

She had me put them on, just to see if there would be a difference. I picked up a random paper we had on the counter….Holy Poop! Everything was so crisp and clear!!

Seriously, you guys, it was crazy!! And so disheartening! I’m super blindish! *cries*

I still haven’t made that appointment, but I did wear my new old lady glasses today while I was working. What do you think of them?

Photo 13

4 thoughts on “Eyeballs and Such

  1. Love them! Makes you look glam!
    Now go take a look at the “eye chart” in the optometrist office & see if these will do the trick. Much less expensive way to go!
    But, if you need other….that is okay too! I am sure you can find similar frame styles! 🙂

  2. Super cute! They look great on you. I’m blind as a bat and wear glasses or contacts whenever I’m awake. I love funky glasses and yours put the FUN in funky! 🙂

  3. You look adorable:) Now you won’t be missing out on all those details. They don’t look like old lady glasses they look great.

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