Apps…It’s too hard to pick a favorite

Let’s talk about our favorite apps, shall we? An important part about Getting Social is to stay connected, even when you’re away from your computer.

Luckily, our smart phones & apps make this super simple!

There are too many awesome apps to just pick one favorite. I have many, MANY favorites. But I’ll limit this posts to just a few, for your sanity’s sake.


One VERY useful app to me is HootSuite. It makes multitasking a breeze! You can update as many social media accounts as you want, all from one screen. Such a time saver!

Facebook Pages is another app I love.  You can manage all your Facebook Business pages from one app. An extra bonus with Pages is the insights. Oh how I love stats and insights! You can see how many views each posts received, as well as several other helpful tools.

One fun app I love is IMDB.  It’s always good for solving the mystery of watching a movie and wondering “What other movie do I know that guy from”.

My new favorite time wasting app is Vine. Oh man is it fun!! Make 6 second long videos and share them on Vine, Facebook & Twitter. Try it, you’ll LOVE it!

The one subject I have the most apps in is photo and photo editing. It’s ridiculous how many I have. The two I use the most are instagram, because it’s SUPER fun and diptic. It works great with insatgram and makes it easy to combine several photos into one post.

Words with Friends I play from time to time. The new Flickr app has recently been updated and works like a dream!

Other favorites of mine: FlipboardEvernote Camera+ and…and…and!

I’m going to stop now, but you can check out this list of the The Top 100 iPhone Apps. So. Many. Apps.

So, now it’s YOUR turn. Leave a comment below and tell me those apps you just can’t live without!

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