Let’s Talk Mondays!

💕 Happy M O N D A Y 💕

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Let’s face it, most people don’t really love Mondays, myself included. However, being prepared for the week takes a LOT of my grumpiness away.

Do you have a plan in place for your social media this week? Staying ahead is the best way to be successful, stay consistent and please your clients. It’s a great habit to start, and once you do it for a little while, you really appreciate how much smoother your social media plan becomes.

Don’t have time to do your own social media? I’m here to help! Send me a message and let’s chat. 💕

💃🏼 And if all else fails, dance parties REALLY lighten the mood! #bootyshake

Let’s Talk Selfies

How good is your selfie game?

Nicole, owber of Get Social Co taking a selfie.Get Social Co

Now I know most people are very black & white on the selfie game. You either like it or your don’t. However, let’s talk about selfies as a business owner. Your face is what people like to see! These days society is super curious about what goes on behind the scenes. Selfies are a fantastic way to personalize your business and give your clients and followers a glimpse into your every day process.

Get out of your comfort zone and show people who you are! We want to see your face!!


The actual selfie I was taking in the above photo. Is this considered “Selfie Inception”?

Need some help getting started?

Let me help you. Shoot me an email at sayhi@getsocialco.com with your info and let’s get a social media game plan in place for you!

Let’s Talk Workspaces

How important is your workspace?

Get Social Co at Grandview Public Market | Workspace

If you’re like me, you’re business doesn’t need a defined “office”. My workspace varies weekly. Sometimes I need my couch and the TV on in the background. Sometimes I need a desk, and my planner, and soft music. Other times I prefer a local coffee shop or creative space.
Working from home has a lot of perks (doing conference calls in PJ pants is just one of them), but it can get lonely. There are times where you just want to be around other people.
One thing is constant, no matter where I work, Coffee!
I must have access to coffee!!

Pumphouse Coffee Roasters at Grandview Public Market always makes a delicious cup!

Are you more productive in a busy setting or do you prefer a quiet, focused environment?

Start Your 2015 With Great Social Media

Here we go again! Another New Year. (Woohoooo!!) A chance to start fresh, start again, do better!


But first…let’s review. Here are a few things that happened in 2014 that caught our attention.

In 2014 several new social media networks popped up. Ello.co promises to never sell their users personal data, YikYakapp.com gives their users a live feed of what everyone’s saying that are physically nearby, and tsu.co says if you’re a content creator, you’ll earn fair value for all the social things you normally do.  Now, as much as we like the idea of having a new network to check out (no lie, we checked them out), the problem we found with these networks is the lack of members. They have a hard time not feeling empty after a very short time! Even Google+ has issues with this. Hopefully eventually these new networks can flourish, but right now they don’t seem to have the momentum needed to keep us interested. And let’s face it, low membership = little or no chance for business to get noticed. No good! So for now, we’re just not ready to give up on Facebook’s 1.23 billion monthly active users!

Social Media has become a huge leader in the way people get their news. Many stories break on twitter before the national news channels release the info. Here are some big events from this past year we followed on social media.


See the entire infographic here by addthis.com

Love online shopping? 2014 brought “buy buttons” to both Facebook & Twitter.


Instead of trying to get your clients to click through to your website, they can now buy directly from your tweet or post! #Genius

As cool as we think this is, they won’t be available to all users until (hopefully) sometime in 2015.

A few other cool things that happened:

Fastest growing app in 2014: Snapchat

Tumblr Overtook Instagram As Fastest-Growing Social Platform

Pinterest drives six times more social media referrals than Twitter


Now, let’s look ahead…2015, here we come! What should your business be doing to bring even more attention to your brand? For starters, by now you should be on a minimum of two social networks. Depending on your business and who you want your audience to be, these can vary dramatically from business to business.

We always tell our clients that social media is just that…Social! You don’t have to be super salesy (it’s a word, we swear!) you just have to talk! Be funny, be interesting, be engaging! Posting things is just one part of it. Interact with your followers, connect with other like minded or local business, answer comments and questions in a reasonable amount of time. People want to know your company has a personality. Show it to them!

Social Media Tools that businesses will be utilizing even more in 2015:

1. Secret apps like snapchat and yikyak

2. Podcasting

3. Video, video and more video!

4. User Generated Content (UGC) like user photos

And many more!

Do your research, get involved, don’t miss out…Get Social! Don’t have time or know where to start? Get Social Co. offers competitive pricing and free consultations. Contact us TODAY!

We’ll leave you all with this, and wish you the very best New Years!



Keep Your Social Media Fresh


It’s Spring! The time of year we all want to clean out & brighten up our lives.

Your Social Media strategy should be no different. Here are a few things you can do to keep your content Fresh & Engaging.

1.  Don’t limit your post to just things about yourself or your business. A good rule of thumb for posting is 80/20. 80% of your posts should be about lifestyles, customer interests & other updates; 20% of your content about you & your business. Always remember, Social Media is about building relationships. If you were talking to someone face to face, and only spoke about yourself or your business, how long do you really think they would hang around to chat? Use that motto for your Social Media too.

2. Utilize your employees. Having a team is what makes your business work. Your Social Media should be part of the team too. Encourage your employees to engage with your social media outlets. Having them like, share & re-post your company’s content increases your audience tremendously! By posting great content, your employees can be proud to share it with their friends & followers.

3. Refrain from being long winded. Short & sweet is the way to go with social media. Facebook posts that are short & to the point tend to get more interaction then longer more detailed posts. If you post something that shows the click-able “see more”, your posts may be too long. If you’ve got more to say, think about starting a blog. Blogs are a great place for your longer posts and you can use your social media to encourage people to visit your website/blog.

4. Keep things current. Having a hard time coming up with something to post about? Check the current events or something fun like holidayinsights.com. There are tons of fun Holidays to post about. Also, try keeping it local. Post about your favorite lunch spot, a new market that’s opening in your town, or the best place in town to stop & take a breather.

5. Don’t leave your followers hanging. All comments & engagement should be acknowledged in a timely manner. Show your followers you appreciate them taking the time to interact with you, by acknowledging their comments and starting a conversation.

6. Have fun. The most important thing is to HAVE FUN! Keep it light. It’s Social Media…stay social! Keep the conversation light and engaging, you’ll be amazed at how often your followers will jump right in to the conversation!

Facebook’s Best New Feature

Finally! Facebook has been rolling out a lot of new features the past few weeks.

My favorite so far: The “Stop Notifications” option on photos.

Picture 3

Now we can turn off notifications for super busy photos with tons of comments.

I don’t need an update for all of those…do you?

Google+ has had this feature for ever, now it’s on Facebook too. Finally!



Finally, Google+

So, recently I’ve been becoming more and more of a Google+ fan. I will admit, it’s taken me awhile, but it’s slowly been growing on me.

I love the layout and the “Communities” feature. The folks that are very active on Google+ are also friendly and eager to network.

I did have one pet peeve though, it was the size of the cover photos. I mean seriously, there is no reason we EVER need the cover photo to take up half the screen….am I right!?

But I was so excited to see this morning, an update to Google+ pages, that includes a lovely, SMALLER, cover photo! Hooray!!

Picture 5 Picture 6

They look SO much better! Navigating the screen is much easier and I’m a happy social media girl, once again! Thanks Google+!

Do you like the new layout? Or do you miss the larger photos? Let me know, I’m always curious to see if my feelings match everyone else’s!

Social Media Tip

A Social Media Tip for Success

Twitter Tip: If you only tweet about yourself & your brand, but never interact with other twitter users, it’s like going to a party full of fabulous people, but you go to a back room, close the door and talk to yourself!

Talk to everyone! Be friendly, be courteous and enjoy the party!!

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