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A Social Media Tip for Success

Twitter Tip: If you only tweet about yourself & your brand, but never interact with other twitter users, it’s like going to a party full of fabulous people, but you go to a back room, close the door and talk to yourself!

Talk to everyone! Be friendly, be courteous and enjoy the party!!

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My Florida Blogger Conference Recap

I was lucky enough to attend this year’s Florida Blogger Conference st the amazing Full Sail Campus.

Let me just start off by saying WOWZA!! This experience FAR outweighed my expectations!

I had never been to an event like this and I was little nervous, but really excited too.

My friend Maria  who works for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida convinced me to go.

I’m so glad she did!

I learned a TON of stuff, met some amazingly talented bloggers and thoroughly enjoyed myself!


I tend to be a little bit shy when I go anywhere that I don’t know a lot of people, but this conference made me feel right at home.

With just over 300 attendees, it still had that home town feel. Every single person I met was genuinely friendly and totally happy to talk shop and offer insight.

It was really wonderful!


Bess Auer is the founder and host of the Florida Blog Conference. She deserves her own crate of champagne for pulling off such a fabulous soiree!


Right away I met several lovely bloggers who were all friendly and chatty and just started the day off right. If you have a moment, be sure to check out their blogs!

Kevin Eagan of

Diana Swart of

Kelly Zdrowak of

Amy Bailey of

Julie Deily of

It’s wonderful to finally have faces to matches the twitter handles!


My morning sessions were SO inspiring, you guys!!

Katy Widrick offered up her knowledge on how to make great looking Media Kits and J from J’s Everyday Fashion taught us all about how to make money blogging.

All of that even before lunch!


 Bahamas Breeze served us up some delicious lunch AND gave us all free rum drinks called The Curly Tail.  So yummy!

After lunch we learned about making better content for SEO, from the very cool and laid back, Tom Jelneck.

We took a break and Maria got her head shots done by the official photographer of #FlBlogCon13, Macbeth Photography.


Then it was off to “Psychotic Cross-Content Training”, by Justice Mitchel. Wow! This guy REALLY knows his stuff!

And last but not least, we went to listen to Clayton Pritchard tell us all about Google+ and the benefits it can do for our brands. I gotta say, I’m excited to re-vamp my Google+ account!

After that it was the Ford After Party with cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes (I went with the S’mores) and the fabulous musical talents of The Mud Flappers!


1209054_593688830694235_2022617670_n 1230016_593688810694237_191315192_n

They even had a photo booth from Snap Studio Booth! You know we couldn’t resist that!

Maria, Wendy & myself had too much fun with all the props!


Such a great experience! I will most certainly be attending next year’s event.

My only regret was not being able to be in three places at once. There wasn’t one presentation I didn’t want to see, but I could only see one per session.

Next year I’m bringing a clone of me!

I feel so inspired and I’m ready to start applying all my new knowledge to my daily work!

That New Business Card Smell

Don’tcha just LOVE the first look at new business cards!? I sure do!

These babies arrived just in time for #FlBlogCon13


You can’t hear me but I’m squealing over here!!

I’m so excited about the conference, this weekend. It’s my first ever, blogger convention!

I’m a little nervous, but my good friend Maria Diestro is going with me, so I think I’ll be OK.

I’m looking forward to meeting bloggers from around the state and learning new strategies for my growing business.

If you’re going to be there, please stop me and say hello. I’ll even give you one of my fancy schmancy new cards!!

Now my only question is…I ordered 1000, will that be enough?!!? ahahahaha


Summertime is for Fitness (apps)

I don’t know about you, but when it’s hot out I tend to get more into fitness.

It’s most likely due to being a Florida Native. If it gets below 70 degrees, my body forgets how to operate!

I’m back on my fitness plan and wanted to share my favorite Fitness Apps with you guys.

Map My Fitness is a wonderful app that I LOVE!


I mostly do walking and running, and this app has a built in GPS feature.

You turn it on at the start of your workout and it tracks you pace, distance…even calories burned!

It is also available as MapMyRun and MapMyRide.


My other favorite fitness app is MyFitnessPal.

My fitness pal

This app is a GREAT way to keep track of your caloric intake, as well as including your workouts into your daily meal tracking.

It holds me accountable for what I eat throughout the day AND helps me stay on track.

Both apps have a “friends” feature, that allows you to connect with friends (either through social sites like Facebook and Twitter or from your contact list) that are also using the apps.

You can encourage each other, and it works! If you too use this app, let’s connect! I’m great at encouragement and I could use all the help I can get!


There are a TON of other apps and networks that help with all sorts of fitness plans. Do you have a favorite?

I’d love to hear about your experiences. I’m always looking for better ways to get fit!



My Fridge Looks So Great With StickyGrams!

Woohooo!! I recently read a post on one of my favorite blogs, Paper & Stitch, about these adorable little magnets, made from your instagram photos.

StickyGram is a really cool product, especially for people like me, who are addicted to Instagram!


Their website is SUPER user friendly, and it only takes a few minutes to choose which images you want. You pick 9 images for each set.

I ordered two sets, and I love them!



The quality is great and they arrived fairly quickly.

I will certainly be ordering more in the future. They would make such a fun little gift for friends and family!

They sent me a coupon code to share with you all: FRIENDLR8H for $2 off your purchase!

Now… CLICK HERE and go make some for yourself!!



How Embarassing!

Oh, dear. Ever do something on social media that makes you feel really dumb?

Well, I had a moment  like that this past weekend.

Let me explain…

I have my personal twitter account linked to my personal Facebook page. So every time I post to my Facebook page, it shows on twitter.

No big deal, right? Well, I decided to add a bunch of photos to Facebook this weekend. Using Facebook’s handy dandy mobile photo uploader, I chose the images I wanted off my phone and directly uploaded them to an album I had set up on Facebook. The uploader allows you to upload 30 images at a time. I didn’t upload any images all month, so I had quite a few. I uploaded 60+ images overall. Yes, I know that’s a LOT of pics. But hey, I’m a photo addict…what can I say!?

Anyhoo, little did I know, my twitter account posted each time a photo uploaded. Which means my twitter feed looked like this:

Picture 2

It just kept going, and going, and going! For more than 60 times!! I didn’t even realize it until an hour or so later, a twitter friend posted “Wow, that’s a lot of photos!”.

How embarrassing!! *sigh* So now you know kids, even though the uploader posts 30 pics at a time, twitter sees them all individually. Learn from me and don’t flood your twitter feed.


Have you ever done anything embarrassing on Social Media? Share with me, so I don’t feel so silly about my snafu!

Twitgift and a Giveaway

I’m super excited to share this with you all!

My friend, the lovely Gen Spinella, aka @GenSpin and I have been twitter friends for a couple of years now. We’ve never met in real life, but I do enjoy keeping track of her and her family via twitter.

A couple of weeks ago, she tweeted at me (through my personal twitter account) with something totally awesome!

Picture 8

I had never actually heard of Twitgift before, so at first I thought it was some sort of twitter spam…but it wasn’t!

I asked Gen to explain…

1. What is twitgift?

Our website says “Twitgift is a simple social way to delight your fans & customers
by sending non-virtual gifts on the twitters.” What that means is that Twitgift is an app that allows brands (and very soon small business) to delight and enchant their fans and customers by sending them real gifts via Twitter. Right now we are in exclusive beta with a handful of very cool brands and accepting applications at from other uber cool companies that truly care about their customers and fans.


The way it works is, a brand may see that a customer tweets about how amazing they think that brand is. The brand’s community manager can then WOW the customer even further by sending them a twitgift as a “thank you” for the tweet! All the social media manager has to do is login to their twitgift account and send the tweet! Our team of twitgift birds take over from there. Once the recipient claims their twitgift, we pack and ship it out. Within 3 days the customer receives a package containing a custom gift from the brand they love so much! TAH DAH! It’s like magic!


Another way brands use twitgift is when they see a customer complaining about a failure on the part of the brand. We have seen brands go through their regular routine of fixing the problem for the customer and then as a way of apologizing they send a hand written note and a twitgift to that customer.

Twitgift for Brands is live now and we are currently working on the launch of Twitgift for Small Business.

Once you receive the twitgift tweet, you follow the link provided, enter in your mailing info and that’s it!

A couple of days later I got a package in the mail, from twitgift.


How cool is that!? I opened it up…



There was a handwritten tag <3




Tasty cocoa!! I love it!!!


It was so fun to get the package in the mail. Cute and super thoughtful!

I was fascinated by this…I wanted to know MORE!!

Gen helped me understand a little better…

2. Is it a franchise thing…or do you own it?

Twitgift is fully baked and frosted by Misfit, Inc. Myself and my husband, Mirko, are co-owners with the Misfit team and Retweet to take this baby to the next level. Twitgift was originally created by AJ and Melissa back in 2010. With the original application, anyone could go, purchase a twitgift for one of there twitter friends, and tweet it out. The original app was very well received by the twitter community. In fact, Twitgift was featured on Mashable and Killer Startups, among other blogs and online publications. It was such a huge success that it grew and grew and GREW! It actually grew too fast! AJ and Melissa decided to put the project on hold at the end of 2011 while regrouping, restructuring, and redesigning the whole concept. My husband and I were HUGE fans of twitgift from the very beginning, so you can imagine how delighted we were when AJ approached us to partner up with him and the rest of his crew on this project!

3.  Anything else I should know?
All of our tweets are authored by the Bird, CGG (Chief Giver of Gifts) and we have a real life twitter bird named Retweet that supervises the packaging and shipping of all our twitgifts from our Super Secret Bird Cave. All of our birdie antics can be found on twitter, instagram, and facebook.
I have to say…I think this whole thing is an amazingly cool concept!

So…I want to send one of my twitter pals a gift too! It’s not quite ready for small businesses yet, so the team at Twitgift was generous enough to make it possible for one of my twitter followers to win a present, from them!

All you have to do to enter is:

1. Follow us on twitter at @GetSocial_Co

2. Like our page on Facebook

3. Leave a comment on this blog post.

That’s it! I’ll pick a random winner on Feb 14th to show my love <3 <3 <3