Summertime is for Fitness (apps)

I don’t know about you, but when it’s hot out I tend to get more into fitness.

It’s most likely due to being a Florida Native. If it gets below 70 degrees, my body forgets how to operate!

I’m back on my fitness plan and wanted to share my favorite Fitness Apps with you guys.

Map My Fitness is a wonderful app that I LOVE!


I mostly do walking and running, and this app has a built in GPS feature.

You turn it on at the start of your workout and it tracks you pace, distance…even calories burned!

It is also available as MapMyRun and MapMyRide.


My other favorite fitness app is MyFitnessPal.

My fitness pal

This app is a GREAT way to keep track of your caloric intake, as well as including your workouts into your daily meal tracking.

It holds me accountable for what I eat throughout the day AND helps me stay on track.

Both apps have a “friends” feature, that allows you to connect with friends (either through social sites like Facebook and Twitter or from your contact list) that are also using the apps.

You can encourage each other, and it works! If you too use this app, let’s connect! I’m great at encouragement and I could use all the help I can get!


There are a TON of other apps and networks that help with all sorts of fitness plans. Do you have a favorite?

I’d love to hear about your experiences. I’m always looking for better ways to get fit!



Apps…It’s too hard to pick a favorite

Let’s talk about our favorite apps, shall we? An important part about Getting Social is to stay connected, even when you’re away from your computer.

Luckily, our smart phones & apps make this super simple!

There are too many awesome apps to just pick one favorite. I have many, MANY favorites. But I’ll limit this posts to just a few, for your sanity’s sake.


One VERY useful app to me is HootSuite. It makes multitasking a breeze! You can update as many social media accounts as you want, all from one screen. Such a time saver!

Facebook Pages is another app I love.  You can manage all your Facebook Business pages from one app. An extra bonus with Pages is the insights. Oh how I love stats and insights! You can see how many views each posts received, as well as several other helpful tools.

One fun app I love is IMDB.  It’s always good for solving the mystery of watching a movie and wondering “What other movie do I know that guy from”.

My new favorite time wasting app is Vine. Oh man is it fun!! Make 6 second long videos and share them on Vine, Facebook & Twitter. Try it, you’ll LOVE it!

The one subject I have the most apps in is photo and photo editing. It’s ridiculous how many I have. The two I use the most are instagram, because it’s SUPER fun and diptic. It works great with insatgram and makes it easy to combine several photos into one post.

Words with Friends I play from time to time. The new Flickr app has recently been updated and works like a dream!

Other favorites of mine: FlipboardEvernote Camera+ and…and…and!

I’m going to stop now, but you can check out this list of the The Top 100 iPhone Apps. So. Many. Apps.

So, now it’s YOUR turn. Leave a comment below and tell me those apps you just can’t live without!